1. Jezebel

From the recording The Best of Ian Michaels

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A Chameleon skin she can change with the wind
You'll be over your head before you know what you're in
Until she gets what she wants she's only biding her time
Without a moment of notice she'll betray on a dime
With a flattering tongue and a smile on her face
She'll be a friend to the wife of the man that she lays
And when she's out on the edge I know you'll reach out your hand
But then she's pulling you in

In the tree of the kingdom she's a bird of the air
Growing up 'til the end among the wheat she's a tare
She comes to find out your weakness, yeah she learns quite well
Among the daughters of Zion she's the daughter of hell

She'll press you hard for the secret of the strength that you bare
Then when you've fallen asleep she'll cut the locks of your hair
And if you try to be kind and maybe cut her some slack
She'll only think that you're weak and stab you right in the back
She gets in line for deliverance, she's the loudest at praise
Yet there is nothing but darkness at the end of her days
She plays the part of a prophetess, a teacher and more
She's just a spiritual whore

C2016 Shuva Music
Ian Michaels