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Head Covered Woman

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Suiting up for battle
There's nothing she can't handle
Dressed to kill she'll storm the gates of hell
'cuz when she prays the heaven's angels tower
While fallen angels cower
She's learned the secret power of the veil

She's my head covered woman
She knows what she's doing
It's more than a fashion for my head covered woman
She's my head covered woman
Sweet rose of Sharon
Fairest of ten thousand is my head covered woman

A glory without covering means judgment
Yet worldly women flaunt it
Unashamedly for all to see
The woman who is wise has understanding
She hides beneath her veiling
A beauty that's reserved for only me

People stare and wonder
At this agent undercover
What they don't know is she's the one who sees
The pattern that is given in His-story
A covering over glory
'cuz it belongs to Yah, not you or me

C 2016 Shuva Music
Ian Michaels