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the Glory of Your Law

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Show me how to tell them that You'll never change
And tell me how to show them that Your law is for today
It's still for today
Show me how to tell them that they've got it wrong
And tell me how to show them all the glory of Your law
The glory of Your law

One Shepherd for one flock
One people on the Rock
No longer strangers
He has brought us all near to the covenants of Israel
One stick within His Hand
One bride before the Lamb
With one law to guide us
As long as heaven and earth remain
Not a stroke of the pen will pass from the law
So, ....

Nothing can save us but the Blood
But how can we know just how to love unless You teach us?
Oh Yah, we need Your law to guide us along the way
The goodness of man just leads to death
But Torah's a light unto my path
With no condemnation now that it's written on my heart
And in keeping it I've found great reward
So, ....

Blessed is he who delights in Your Torah
He'll flourish like a tree planted near water
Great liberty have I found in Your Torah
Your truth has set me free and it can not falter
So Father....

C 2016 Shuva Music
Ian Michaels