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Golden Opportunity

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Saul of Tarsus
Returning to Jerusalem for a little while
When greeted by the elders
He reported what was done among the gentiles
how they praised Yah
Then they told him there's a myriad of believers here
They're all zealous for the Torah
So please tell us if the rumor that we've come to hear is true
Are you teaching men to turn away from Torah?

Saul of Tarsus
If it isn't true then just do what we tell you to
It'll clear up everything, then
Everyone will stop believing what they've heard of you
Join these four men
Who are ending now the Torah vow of the Nazirite
Even pay all their expenses
For the sacrifice required in this temple rite, and then
Everyone will know you're zealous for the Torah

Now I ask you
Did he tell them, "From the law we're free"?
I ask you
With this golden opportunity
I ask you
What did he do?

He kept Torah
He even paid those men's expenses
A defining day for you and me against today's theology
He kept Torah
He kept Torah

Some say this conduct is not consistent with his words
That he only did what all the elders were demanding
I say take a closer look! You've been sold a bill of goods
Let his conduct redefine your understanding

Y'shua told us all to follow Him
(And He kept Torah)
Like Peter, James and John and all of them
(They kept Torah)
Like the myriad in Jerusalem
I'll keep Torah

C 2016 Shuva Music
Ian Michaels