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From the recording Shelter

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I see people building towers to the sky
And needy people reaching out left to die
Where did everything go wrong?
Or is this life just for the strong?
Heaping treasures by the day and wanting more
Just make the needy go away and shut the door

Dawn will over take the night
When He comes to set things right
My Y'shua Adonai

Living times when right is wrong and wrong is right
And men love darkness so they hide from the light
If they were blind they'd have no shame
But since they see their sin remains
Yet there is still a remnant who mourn and sigh
And Yah is numbering every tear that they cry

In the twinkling of an eye
He will split the eastern sky
My Y'shua Adonai
No one able to deny
When they see Him with their eyes
My Y'shua Adonai
Dawn will overtake the night
When He come to set things right
My Y'shua Adonai

C 2016 Shuva Music
Ian Michaels