From the recording Neatly Tied Religion

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I've Got to Tell Someone

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Two paths are placed upon the line of time
One leads home, one leads to a precipice
Some heed the warning and they make it just fine
Others laugh it off as they lose their lives

I've got to tell someone
You are the only way
You are the only one

A doctor walks in with the antidote
For a dying man as he lies in bed
The doc says "Take it! It's the only cure!"
He says "No! Give me something else instead!"

The word of life is a parable
For those who have the ears to hear
The way of wisdom confounds the wise
But to a child's eyes it's always clear

An empty void inside the heart of man
That he tries to fill but he never can
Religion, science and philosophy
Never fill the size of eternity

C 2016 Shuva Music
Ian Michaels