1. Homeland

From the recording Beyond the Veil

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featuring Cathy Gulden on lead vocal


I live on the dream
That one day I'll be home where I belong
I long for the place where everyone is free
I hope for the day when I'll behold its beauty

My home, Yisrael
How deep my roots are planted in your soil
Yerushalayim, the city of our King
I hope for the day
When I will stand before your ruined temple wall and pray

They say when the land of milk and honey flourishes again
Then Shiloh will come
The promised of ages His plan to unfold
As He gathers His own to the homeland

They say that the hills
Are greener than the waters of the sea
They say that the fruit is filling all the world
They say that the One
Who scattered us has promised He would gather us once more

C 1996 Shuva Music
Ian Michaels