1. More of You

From the recording Beyond the Veil

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More of You

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In all You've brought me through
I've come to trust in You
But still You know I tend to go astray
I've got to have control
I've got to run the show
And then I wonder why I lose my way
Your voice is calling and I know what I must do
I've got to lose myself to find myself in You

More of You, less of me
More of You, less of me

How can I crucify the things I hold so dear inside?
I need You to show me the way
One thing I know for sure
The more i grow I need You
Just a little bit more every day

I know what I'm about
I've got it all worked out
I take a step or two before I fall
I'm just some flesh and bone
And in my strength alone
Without You I'm not anything at all
Inside the heart of man You've placed eternity
And only You can fill that place inside of me

C 1996 Shuva Music
Ian Michaels