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Song From the Desert

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I've been touched by the great Creator
I've been moved by His mighty hand
To the place where my need He is longing to feed
I will go where His love will lead

It's a desert out where You found me
And still a desert we're walking through
But with You I'm at peace for You are my release
From the place where I search for You

Lead O Lord, lead on through this valley
Lead away from the place that's dry
Lead me high to Your holy mountain
Where my heart You will satisfy

For me You are the alluring heart beat
Of a song my soul runs to hear
Drawing me to the place where my spirit can fly
Ever loved, ever filled, evermore

While I'm running to keep this vision
Of Your glory before my eyes
Awesome Spirit of God fill me up with a flood
Of the glory you're showing me

C 1997 Shuva Music
Lyrics by Paul Rogers
Music by Ian Michaels