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My Everlasting Love

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So many years ago
I had a dream that I believed in
Someone I'd come to know
The heart of a woman I could rest in
But too many tears alone
Had made it a dream I can't believe in
A storybook ending love like a fairy tale

Nobody else could know
The trouble and pain that I was hiding
But a look in my eyes would show
That something was lost and I was dieing
As sudden as summer snow
You came along and now I'm living
A storybook ending love like a fairy tale

Looking back when you were only a face to me
Looking back when I asked you your name
How was I to know my heart was coming home
And you would always be my everlasting love?

Something about your eyes
Somehow I knew you could see through me
Something about your voice
A comforting sound that spoke right to me
I've fallen so hard and fast
But isn't this only in the movies
A storybook ending love like a fairy tale?

Like Boaz's love for Ruth you were my destiny
A covenant friend in truth I will remain
Long forgotten days of trouble we will know together
Happiness instead of sorrow far beyond our last tomorrow

C 2018 Shuva Music
Ian Michaels