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Process of Illumination

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Process of Illumination

I hear them talk around what's written
And say You're known by many names
That every road will lead to heaven
And any god is all the same
But I know You're not as any other
How can anyone be so misled?
Not just a prophet, no, not just a teacher
You're the living one among the dead

The promised seed of Eve
A virgin to conceive
Gan Eden's sacrifice
The one to pay the price
The ark upon the flood
A doorway stained with blood
The ram for Abraham
The lion and the lamb

They've made a faith amalgamation
A pantheistic fantasy
With a lying light that shines to blind them
And a piper's song to lead astray
It's a process of illumination
But it really is no mystery
You are the one who's known by Your salvation
And the light of men through history

The alef and the tav
The manna from above
The voice within the flame
The Angel of The Name
The pillar and the cloud
Who led the people out
The ark, the branch, the stone
It's You and You alone
The brass snake on the pole
Restorer of my soul
The Joseph who was slain
The David who will reign
C 1985 & C2016 Shuva Music
Ian Michaels