1. Isaiah 53

From the recording Process of Illumination

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Isaiah 53

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Who has believed our report?
And to whom has the Arm of the Lord been revealed?
He was rejected and hated be men
This man of sorrows acquainted with grief
He bore within Him our sins and our sicknesses
While we thought He was struck down by God
But He was torn, He was crushed in place of us
And by His stripes we are healed

Why do they work so hard to be blind?
They're looking in the dark for a sign
Jonah three days and nights in the sea
That is the only one
We are like sheep who have gone astray
Looking for shepherds to show the way
We'll never find it until we see
That He's the only one

C 1984 & C 2016 Shuva Music
Ian Michaels