From the recording Process of Illumination

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King of Glory/Worthy is the Lamb

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At the dawning of creation
The universe laid in My hand
At the forming of constellations
And the numbering of the sands
In the garden of Eden with Adam
In the ark keeping Noah secure
In the Angels that visited Abram
And with Moses the voice in the fire
From the parting of the waters
To the calming of the sea

I'm Mashiach ben Yosef, the suffering
At the hands of My brothers I died
I'm Mashiach ben David returning
I'm the Husband who comes for the bride
I'm the Lamb slain from the foundation
I'm the Word who became flesh and bone
I'm the Stone the builders rejected
To become the Chief Cornerstone
From the lamb on Abel's altar
To the Man at Calvary

Lift the ancient doors, open wide the gates
The King of Glory comes
(Who is he this king who comes?
Who is this king of glory?)
Lift the ancient doors, open wide the gates
The King of Glory comes
(Y'shua strong and mighty
He's the King of Glory)
Every knee will bow, every tongue confess
Y'shua Adonai

Worthy is the Lamb slain before the world began
Worthy is the Lamb, by His blood men live again
Worthy is the Lamb, the Lion on the throne is He
Worthy is the Lamb, He has won our victory
Worthy is the Lamb to receive all strength and honor
Worthy is the Lamb of riches, wisdom, glory and power
Worthy is the Lamb, with His blood He's purchased men
From every tribe and tongue, forever they will reign with Him
Worthy is the Lamb, He who breaks the seven seals
Worthy is the Lamb, the mystery of Yah revealed

C1985 & C2016 Shuva Music
Ian Michaels