1. The Shofar

From the recording Kingdom Come

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The Shofar

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Vocal, Piano, Acoustic Guitars, Shofars, Clarinet, Violin, Bass, Drum Kit


The Shofar
Hearing the sound in the land
That is calling to every man
The fullness of time is at hand
Seeing the gathering clans
As the nations become one new man
They are the Bride of the Lamb

Ten virgins wait for the feast
Ten virgins all fall asleep
Ten virgins hear the shofar

Learning to live in the land
As in love we obey His commands
And two become one in His hand
Joining the song and the dance
Celebrating the greatest romance
The Bridegroom is coming at last

Lift up your eyes to the east
Blessed are those who will come
Prepare your heart for the feast
The shofar is calling you home

C 2010 Shuva Music
Ian Michaels