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Farewell to Righteousness and Liberty

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Vocal, French horns, Trumpet, Trombone, Tuba


Have you heard just what is happening in Washington D.C.?
They have scorned our constitution and defiled sanctity
They have turned our grand republic to a demonocracy
Farewell to righteousness and liberty

Satan got a hold of congress while the nation was asleep
Worshipping their gods of pleasure, falling into darkness deep
Still they sing, “God Bless America” from sea to shining sea
Farewell to righteousness and liberty

Israel mocked the God who saved them and they gained captivity
Is there hope for any nation who can’t learn from history?
Now delusion is much stronger than what’s left of sanity
Farewell to righteousness and liberty

C 2021 Ian Michaels
Shuva Music